Q: When to replace struts front and rear on 2001 Toyota Avalon on 2001 Toyota Avalon

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An independent garage recommended I replace my front and rear strut assemblies on my 2001 Toyota Avalon with 178,000 miles. I am having no drivability issues. The corner push test causes two or fewer bounces on all four corners. No discernable issues while driving, tire wear is good, no bouncing or noise. My Dad thinks the guy just wants to make money off me. Is there a time or mileage when I should have these struts replaced?
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There is no mileage interval to replace struts. But I can say for certain that by 178,000 miles, the best days of your shock absorbers (struts) are long behind.

I would recommend having a look for replacement around 75,000 miles or so. Remember that these vehicles and suspensions will not bounce excessively doing a "bounce test" at the four corners, no matter how the struts are. It's just that the suspensions are so tight you cannot rely on this test.

I can't speak for the integrity of the tech, but I can definitely say that he is not out of line on this recommendation. Good luck.

PS -- to push the tech at the shop, ask "are these struts NEEDED or just RECOMMENDED?" At least then, you will have peace of mind as to what grounds the recommendation is made from.
I need to replace the struts on my 2001 Avalon. Any recommendations for which brand/model strut to use?