Q: When the car is off, the horn blow all by itself. on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

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The door locks, unlock and then lock themselves while the car is off. Its like someone is playing with the door lock/unlock button. Both of these things also happen while I'm driving . Its like the car is haunted and has a mind of its own. When these things are happening I hear a clicking noise coming from underneath the steering column .I wanted to pull the fuses for the horn and the door locks but couldn't find them
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The remote lock, anti theft, control system needs to be diagnosed. Possible non recognition of all doors and hood closed. Misinformation at the module.
Thank you. I do believe it is associated with the alarm system. Where can I take it to get it fixed. I changed the battery in the remote but it is still doing the same thing
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Any credible shop with the knowledge and understanding of these systems. Use the Find a Shop icon on top of the page and call and ask for further info. Thanks for asking.
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