Q: When should the timing belt be replaced? At what mileage? on 2006 Kia Sorento

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At what mileage should the timing belt be replaced?
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Patrick I know what the factory recomendation says about timing belt replacement. 60,000 is even to long. I have seen to many valves bent under 60K.
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It seems ridicules any more to have timing belt as soon as 60k but that is the scheduled time interval and you are right I have seen them brake at less than 60k.
Kia as a car manufacturer put a lot of great technical information and work shop manuals on line for free for Kia owners.
You clearly do not know what you are talking about. The factory schedule maintenance for the timing belt is 60,000 miles. I have worked on many of these models and 60K is pushing it.
Alldata, Mitchell and Identifix all state 60,000 miles.
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that's why i said ck all data first all cars are different and whatever they put is usually the max.i have seen them go bad before and iv seen them last well beyond. preventitive maint is always best. sorry you misunderstood my reply
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