Q: When replacing passenger side blinker bulb, entire electrical system goes bad on 2002 Buick Regal

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My 2002 Regal will no longer start and the electrical will not work unless the key is turned backwards. The car has been burning through passenger side blinker bulbs at the rate of 1/month for quite a while, and about a month ago I changed the bulb again. After changing the bulb the car wouldn't start and the ignition froze. Midas replaced the ignition and said it should be good. 2 weeks ago I had to replace the same bulb again, but everything was fine after that. Tonight I changed the bulb again, amnd back to the same problem. The car will not start and all electrical components will only work when the key is in the aux position, or turned backwards. When it's turned forward everything is dead. Please Help?
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