Q: when replacing dist will the rotor set right at nr 1 or will it be a little past on 1999 Chrysler Sebring

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just bought car and was told it was out of time and the other guy had the dist out of it timng belt good and tight but will not fire thanks bob
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Was the car running when you bought it? IF not , forget about the timing belt being 'nice and tight' and make sure it's lined up properly!! From what I've been able to find , the distributor should only go in one way. If the timing belt was not properly lined up then that could be the cause of the rotor not being where it should be(should still get spark though). Did the timing belt break , and that's why it was replaced? IF so , then check that it's installed properly first and then do a compression test and make sure you don't have bent valves.----it's listed as an 'interference engine'.
Thanks for your answer
timing belt is tight and in time replaced dist and crank sensor let you know later if it is fixed BOB
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