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Q: When replacing a throttle body, how much should it cost? on 2005 Mercury Montego

Car was due for transmission flush. Check engine light was on, took to dealership. Diagnostic said we need new throttle body. They want over $700 to fix the car. Is this normal?
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Keep in mind... I do not recommend that people have their transmission fluid flushed with those machines that connect to your vehicle and gradually recirculate until the fluid appears clean and fresh. I had a 2000 Ford F-550 with less than 100,000 miles on it.It never missed a scheduled maintenance. One of our laborers took it down for it's scheduled oil change and the shop manager talked him into doing the trans flush. The transmission failed 3 weeks later after having a few times that it slightly slipped during situations and frequent locations previously driven that it had not previously slipped or had any problems. It was a very costly lesson. The mechanic at the Ford dealership said, "never take your vehicle in and allow them to perform those transmission recirculation flushes. Soon after I had the transmission failure I heard about 4 other people that had the flush service on their transmission and soon after experienced transmission failure. I know there are people that will swear by them, but I myself will NEVER have that service again nor will I allow anyone that I know; or works for, or with us have it done.
As for your throttle body... You must keep in mind that you not only pay for a part when having a mechanic repair your vehicle. The shop owner must pay for his lease, pay mechanics that have invested a lot of time (and some a lot of money for their ASE certified training and testing) in training to learn how to perform the repairs, plus there is the cost of tools which constantly need upgrading as new vehicles come out with new features or designs which require special tools to diagnose, and replace parts. a fault code indicating that a throttle body needs replacing could also really be a bad wire from the throttle body to the ECM or could be a result of something wrong with the throttle cable... there's more than one definate reason for a fault code indicated during a diagnostic check. I would verify that the mechanic checked all other possible reasons for the fault code showing up. i just watched a series of news reports on TV that showed numerous dealerships being less than honest in their practices (not all are this way... most are honest and fair) when they took this vehicle undercover to dealerships the diagnosis was Wrong 4 out of 6 times. when they took it to private service chain stores with service bays, the mechanics' diagnosis was Correct 4 out of 6 times... however they did have some problems with one chain in particular that normally specializes in brakes and mufflers, they had the hidden camera show direct deceit on the part of one mechanic and by one manager of a store (all were independently owned and operated).
You can search for the part by typing in your vehicle make, model, year and "throttle body" into your search browser and see what you come up with. You may need to go to various online parts distributors. Compare prices. You may even get lucky and find one on eBay, but do not get a used one on eBay because you do not have first hand knowledge of it's history and you could end up buying the same problem. Are you sure they need to definately replace the throttle body and not perhaps just the injector or other component? Is it perhaps rebuildable for less (if you have an automotive repair shop nearby that specializes in fuel injections, they would be a good candidate for getting a second opinion, because they are going to have knowledge of throttle body injected systems as well as the multiport fuel injection systems. While I was out of town working, my wife took our early 90's Dodge Lancer (before Mitsubishi began making them for themselves instead of for Dodge) in for a smog check and it failed.. the mechanic said she needed an entirely new throttle body and it would cost about $440.00. I told her to take it to a local shop that specializes in fuel injection (I gave her the name of one I had noticed in town)... they said it only needed the injector replaced, which cost about $45.00. He charged her another $45.00 to change it out. She took it back in for a re-test and it passed with flying colors and ran a little better.
There was a recall on the throttle body part, I have an 06 and it needs replaced. Problem here is when recall issued I didn't own the car, someone had the part cleaned not replaced, maybe that was all Ford offered. It is going to cost me 700 for the part plus an hour or so labor. This makes 2 fords I've had in a year, both with same problem.
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