Q: when powering up the old girl jerks around like a backfire in the motor on 1992 Ford F-150

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Ive had this old ford for many years and just love the truck I now have a problem going up hills or when I need power she jerks around like shes backfiring in a cylinder, I use only chevron gas and she was just recently tuned and I have always used synthetic oils everywhere, she dont leak any fluids and uses no oil.
It idles perfect and runs at an even keel just fine its when I tow or kick it in the but that I have this problem.
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Check all the basics, i.e. Coil, compression, fuel presure etc. I assume that whoever tuned it, used Ford plugs, cap, rotor and wires and always changed the fuel filter. Also check the back pressure to make the CAT is not plugged. Do you have a Check Engine Light on? How well is your EGR system working?
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