Q: When is it wise to replace the timing belt-vehicle used under normal conditions? on 1997 Toyota Camry

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Owner's manual says to replace it at 60,000 miles if vehicle is operated under extensive idling or low-speed driving for long distances as in heavy commercial use. It does not mention when to replace it if vehicle is operated for personal use under normal conditions, which it is. Never having checked it, I had it replaced at 96,000 miles (Sept 2004)& it cost over $400. The old belt & pulleys still looked like new. Since it is expensive just to have it checked, is there any telltale engine noise that may warn you of a worn timing belt? I now have 200,000 miles & have not checked it since last replaced. Engine runs smooth & quiet as a mouse.
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you are overdue and ahve all tensioners and pulleys repl this time around. and no you won't know till it goes unless water pump goes out and starts to leak,and have that repl at the same time
Thank you for the advice. While you were preparing your reply, I was reading other blogs on Toyota Camry repairs. Some mentioned the 1997 V6 3.0L engine is a non-interference type and some said it is an interference type (you can't believe everything you read in these blogs). Since you are a qualified repair facility in Orange, CA (I used to live in Santa Ana & Fountain Valley during the 1980s before I moved to Northern Arizona), I'll ask you if my 3.0L 2995 CC V6 1MZFE DOHC engine is non-interference. Also, I'm considering buying a new 2012 Camry Hybrid. Has Toyota switched back to interference type engines with a timing chain instead of belts? Thanks for your reply.
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there has been cases of this eng bending valves my book says. most of the newer toy have chains but not sure on hybreds ck with the dealer on that
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