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Q: when I'm going 0-25sound like a popcorn machine only happens in warm weathe.
on 2000 Chevrolet S10

OK AS OF 4-3-13 the below is correct with items that were done on the truck.
I am just driving straight it doesn't happen when I am accel just going 30 mph and lower and it's warm outside. I had no noise all winter long this week-end it was 40 and I was popping all over the place. I have a Manual trans. all items done on the truck are: tie bars,bushings, strut and shocks, brakes, greasing of ball bearings but this all started when they did the brakes and they the other stuff with it. Never had any noise prior to those things being done. They have checked and rechecked all work done and just can't find the issue. Someone at the Jiffy Lube oil place said something about the shocks or struts not being placed correctly and that something about cutting or grinding off the factory rivets and lowers and press them though something and borrowing the spring compressor replace both upper and lowers. Oh and the only people who have ever worked on my truck are from the Chevy dealership. they don't know what lift running gear is but all joints are perfect accordoing to them. PLEASE CAN SOMEONE GIVE ME IDEAS AS TO WHAT THE PROBLEM IS! PLEASE this is driving me crazy!!!

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Do you have a lift kit on this truck?? If so WHY? That only leads to this kind of problem! Is it a 4x4 with a 2.2 FOUR CYLINDER ??
it's just a small s-10 truck nothing on it nothing special. But the noise is only there in warm weather not during cold. So we meaning the dealership and I have not clue
Find yourself a good independent mechanic and leave the truck with him for awhile to get it FIXED. Rookies just aint got the experience of an old savvy tech. that can take a test drive and know what to do!! Same thing here! But the old savvy techs. here cant drive the truck!! Without a test drive we have no idea what the problem is, no one!! I still dont know what you say "lift running gear is"??
Well when I called the dealership they didn't know what that was so that's why I am asking what it is. Like I keep saying it has only happened since the struts and shockers were done. So could that be the problem? maybe they aren't fitting correctly?
Like i said, get a real MECHANIC to check it for you! No way we can!! All we can do is guess and be wrong every time. Sorry but that is just the way it is. If I/we could drive the truck we would tell you what the problem is, I guarantee it.
You I am doing the best I can with describing the problem I’m sorry for being a WOMEN who doesn’t know all the savvy tech stuff. But that is the best way to describe the problem. I have had 2 men who work on big rigs look at the truck and THEY DON’T know either. They are the one’s who suggested I ask on here for any help. But I have run out of places to go, have been to 3 different dealerships and 2 different mechanics. They are all stumped. So I’m sorry but I just don’t know where else to go, the dealerships have even call Chevy home office and they don’t have a clue either.
Sorry, did not think of gender, my bad! Ask around must be an old knowledgeable mechanic around there somewhere. In any event good luck with it!! Wish I could be more help. It sounds like something needs to be lubricated! Maybe some WD-40 in the right spot of the suspension just to locate the noise when it stops! Maybe. I have located pops and squeaks many times that way.
Lubricated has been done twice now but I thank you and I guess I will continue looking for another mechanic who can figure things out. thanks for the help thou.
But the lube has not been put on the right thing!! Spray the out of the area the popping noise seems to be with WD-40 or the like to see if that helps. I mean soak it down good!
LOL here too, that's the sprit!! Just get mad and fix it yourself and the h.ll with all the mechanics!!!!!!!
A cool gladycat too! Let us know what comes of this. Again good luck!
Trust me I am willing to try anything that I can do myself. In the past 4 years I have spent over 5000. on the truck and not willing to pay out more if I can do it myself. But I am learning allot about trucks and how I might be able to fix them too. the reason I want to keep my truck is #1 I love it and #2 I just now turned 93500 miles on it so it has a long time to go before I get a new one.


OK 4-8-13 OK wetry my truck is going in tonight for repair will let you know what happens and what they find.
OK As of 4-12-13 they say it's fixed and only needed to be lubed!! will see if that's the problem but they have had it all week and have driven it several times and they think they finally have it fixed!!! thanks everyone for all the help and advice.
lift kits are aftermarket specialty. take to a performance shop and have one of their tech. have a look. dealership mech. prob. don't know what they are looking for.
food for thought. average dealership shop rate is $150.00 per hr. independant shoprates range from $60.00 per hr. to $90.00 per hr. not sure about performance shops.
what is a lift kit? this problem only started when they repaired the struts and shocks and did a break job of the truck never had any noise prior to them being done. they say everything is fine someone suggested that is might have something to do with the struts or shocks something about new upper bolts in them not fitting correctly and they might have to cut/grind off factory rivets and lowers have to be pressed in thru, borrowing a spring compressor and replace both upper and lowers. now what this means I haven't a clue since I don't how if they are referring to struts or shocks. does this sound right and what part?
sorry. didn't presume issue with stock replacement. keep in mind about dealerships and independent shops though. hope you find a good one to take care of your ride. good luck.
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