Q: When I turned my car on today, I noticed that the ABC light was on and none of on 2005 Mercedes-Benz SL500

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the other instrument functions were available. I also noticed a knocking noise coming from under the engine, it sounds almost like a woodpecker
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That is probably ABS; The Anti Lock Brake system needs to be checked, the sound you heard was more than likely the ABS Pump running for some reason.
Well, had my car scanned, Mercedes mechanic said, no codes pulled out. However, according to the dealer, if it is below 32 degrees, then the ABC light will come on to let the driver to watch out for ice. As far as the nocking sound, it is gone and the light went off. According to the mechanic, the knocking sound was caused when my son had lowered the car and when I raised it back up, there was not enough air in the system, he said make sure that in the morning when before I drive the vehicle, I should raise the car up and then lower it back down before driving. It sounded to me after going to the mechanic and doing some additional research on the problems that the mechanic knew what he was talking about. Car is running great, all functions in the instrument panel are back to normal and the sound is gone. Thanks for all the help
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