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Q: When I turn my heat on, the temperature goes up (!) and I get a warning light. on 2007 Toyota Camry

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When I turn my heat off the temperature goes back to normal so I've just not been turning on my heat.
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If you could borrow a temp gun to test the actual temperature of the cooling system, could be a glitch in the wiring circuit causing issue.
Thanks for your reply ProfessorG. I took it to a tire discounters and they said the radiator was empty. They did a pressure test (for a leak I suppose) they said they did not see a leak that was noticeable. They recommended to replace the thermostat ($213) and to flush the system ($100). I told them to try the thermostat and I've got my fingers crossed that will be the problem. No money for flushing the system. They also said it might be a water pump. I think the previous owner replaced the water pump so I'm going to look back through her receipts and see how long ago that might have been. Boy I wish I knew about cars!
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That good that you had it checked; Get it filled and make sure there is another issue before spending for things you don't need right now. Spend it on what you do need. Good Luck, let me know if you need anything.
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