Q: When I stop on an incline and then accelerate, I hear a water drop noise. on 2008 Toyota Prius

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It doesn't sound like rushing water or pooled water, just a single drop sound.
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I have heard the same single-drop sound. It's almost like a recording of a water-drop sound effect: "bwop." It's from the rear right part of the car. It comes only sporadically, and it's too loud to be an actual fluid.
Not yet. I believe it started after I took it in for the 90k mile service. I have an appointment in a few weeks, so I will ask them.
Did you ever find out? I'm having the exact same issue: A recorded-sounding electronic "bwop" sound (like an old Apple Mac "droplet" sound) that comes from the right rear on my 2007 Prius, which currently has 95K on it.

It's sporadic, and I can't figure out it's relationship to braking or inclines.
My 2009 Prius which has only 65,000 miles also makes this electronic "water droplet" sound. It's not actually water just sounds like it. Anyone figure it out yet?
My husband thinks it is a gas releasing from the battery, which is in that location. I think it happens mostly in the warmer weather.
you must have really good hearing i would check all your fluid levels. possible wipper washer fluid ps i love my prius