Q: When I start my Jeep a chirping sound comes from the valve cover, what is it? on 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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There is a chirping sound that comes from the valve cover. It starts when the vehicle is cold, then when I accelerate, it gets louder, but once the engine warms up, it goes away and does not come back until the vehicle is cold again.
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I say it is the drve belt (fan belt) have it checked, retensioned or replaced. That would sound like it's coming from the valve cover! Common problem. This belt does NOT have an auto. belt tensioner, it is manually adjusted and can become loose, thus the chirping, squealing noise you hear. The belt works it's hardest when the engine is cold!! After the engine runs a little/warms up, the ALTERNATOR has finished working harder to replenish the battery drain from having to crank the motor!!! Then everything just runs easier and belt becomes more pliable. That is why it does not do it after warm up!
I agree with pushrod but to make sure it is the belt just loosen the belt right off and see if the noise goes away
I've already replaced the belt and checked the tension of the new one. I used the old screwdriver trick and the sound is definitely coming from within the valve cover. website has very good videos on diagnosing drive belt chirp and squeal, and they also have a free worn belt checker tool for free.
I agree with the two above but because the battery is drained when starting cold have it tested also, it may be starting to get weak.
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