Q: When i bought the escape i got 24 highway and 17 city. on 2005 Ford Escape

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Now I get 17 highway but 4 city. Runs good but poor mileage. They did put a new transmisson in it the the gear ratio is the same as the old one. Any ideals
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double check tire pressure. have brakes, and suspension inspected. review when last tuned. none of these related to tranny but can cause fuel issues.
feel any different when driving(like still in lower gear)? if so, bring back and make them fix it. possible install issue or wrong grade fluid used.
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new transmission ? what caused the old 1 to go bad . is this vehicle all wheel drive ??? if so do we have the same size tire all around do we have the same tread all around ?? if you dont have same tread and size all around this can cause resistance and also cause stress on the transmission and cause it to fail