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Q: when hot truck wont start or it will start and stalls as soon as I hit the break on 2006 Dodge Ram 1500

got a fuel pump replaced by Dodge and since my fuel lines blew off, truck started stalling after a hot start. no check engine light and no codes on the code reader, what is wrong with my truck?
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Fuel lines blew off, and it's been cold in Mt. Check for water in fuel tank! Have seen this happen before, ice forms in the fuel line, pump pressure can/will blow the line right off when the key is turned on! What was the reason your lines "blew off"? Just one of them crazy things thst CAN and does happen! Also this would not set a code. Cold engine will run richer and water problem may not be as pronounced as when hot. No way to make this story up, so I have seen this with my own eyes, one cold mourning here in Va. a few years back!
its been all plus temperatures, had it replaced in August, lines blew off 6 days after due to bad install. but since that it has been to the dealership 3 times on the hooks. spent 10 days in there picked it up yesterday got 70 miles and had to call the hooks. im thinking camshaft sensor or ECM. but once again no codes, thanks for the response.
It was just a possibility! It aint been much on the plus side according to the weather channel but no matter. This should not be a problem for a MECHANIC to figure out with a real scanner. Dealer should have both but.....?
you would hope so with the scanner, I had a problem very similar with my old YJ no code thrown only cash. then the ran a test on that sensor and found it had a fault but not a big enough one to throw a code. I so appreciate the advice bud!!! im a plumber by trade so if you ever need some advice shoot me a message. thanks again!!!
Hey i sure as heck will, you know all of us repairman, no matter what the trade, think we can do all of the other mans stuff just às good! However i have found it to be much different when we actually try to do the work. Got myself in trouble more than once this way! So i will surely get back to you. Have a good day and good luck with your truck! Ps, all i know about plumbing is- you know the old saying, Hot on the left, Cold on the right and s..t runs down hill.
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