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Q: when filling gas tank the gas pump shuts off like the tank is full on 2000 Ford Taurus

gas does not flow into tank fast enough it takes five minutes just to pump 2 gallons i can only pump 8 dollars worth of gas at a time
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Vehicle Application: 2000 Taurus 3.0

Customer Concern: Refueling difficulty. The gas pump handle wants to keep disengaging during a refuel.

Tests/Procedures: 1. If a smoke machine is available for testing the evaporative emission system for leakage, connect it and ingest smoke into the system with the fuel tank cap removed. If and when the smoke emits from the fuel tank cap, install it and check for smoke to then emit out of the canister vent solenoid vent hose. The canister vent solenoid is attached to the carbon canister under the vehicle.

2. If there is no smoke emitting out of the canister vent line, disconnect the canister vent solenoid from the canister and check for smoke to flow from the carbon canister indicating a restricted canister vent solenoid or vent line.

3. If there is no smoke emitting from the carbon canister, disconnect the large line attaching to the carbon canister from the fuel tank and look for smoke to emit out of the line indicating a restricted carbon canister.

4. If there is no smoke emitting from the large line, pull the fuel tank down and disconnect the Evaporative Emission Control System (EVAP) hoses.

5. Inspect the hoses and repair as necessary.

6. If all hoses appear to be unrestricted via the flow of smoke from the carbon canister vent line (none from the gas cap opening), drop the fuel tank and inspect the large lines for an obstruction. Also inspect the screen of the fuel fill neck for an obstruction.

7. If the lines are in good condition, replace the vapor vent valves on the top of the tank.
Tech Tips: The purpose of the vapor vent valves is to allow the fuel tank to vent through the carbon canister and evaporative emission hoses, but prevent liquid fuel from flowing into the EVAP hoses during a fuel tank fill.
simply put, the vent valve in the evap system sounds like it is stuck closed. have a shop check it for you to verify and give you a bid.

the screen on the bottom of the fuel line is dirty disconnect it from the tank and clean it.
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