Q: When driving it appears that the transfere case comes on automatically. on 2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty

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The front end starts humming radomly, I can swith to 2x4 on the dash and it quits. Doesnt do it all the time and it has just started in the past few days. Switch it off and its ok untill it decides to do it again. Any ideas appreciated
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Nah, it aint the tansfer case, it's one of the hubs. Crap,, i fixed a Ranger doing that same thing but i work on all makes and it seems like it was a vacuum problem. Let me think on it awhile, maybe someone else will help in the meantime. Check the vacuum hoses going to each front hub as these hubs are vacuum actuated.
Thanks pushrod I will check the vacuum lines. I just had nex axle seals and bearings put in about a year ago. Been doing fine untill the last few days. Thanks
Sure thing! I swear i must have been doing this too long cause i cant remember what i did to fix that ranger! It has the same setup just smaller, i will check the work orders and see but i think it was a front hub problem and it was vacuum related! Let us know how you make out on it.
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