Q: When driving in congestion engine does not respond on 2003 Nissan Murano

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The problem when you walk in the busy streets and of course
semi-continuous pressure on the brake pedal and transmission mode (D -
DS) happens bottleneck of the engine at the beginning of the pressure
on the gas pedal and when the engine is stopped and restarted the car
back to normal
And always when the detection and diagnosis is detected
NISSAN,Murano [Z50],Murano [Z50],Gasoline,09/2002 - 09/2004
1. Error memory Number of errors: 1 2:44 PM
*P0171 Mixture (bank 1) Lean
2. Error memory 2:44 PM
*P0171 Mixture (bank 1)
Environmental conditions :
Fuel system B1 Open loop
Fuel system B2 Closed loop
Calculated load value 36 %
Lambda adaption bank 1 130 %
Lambda adaption bank 2 111 %
Lambda integrator bank 1 100 %
Lambda integrator bank 2 107 %
Engine speed 1408 1/min
Vehicle speed 14 km/h
Coolant temperature 94 °C
Induced air temperature 35 °C RE0F09A
1. Error memory Number of errors
P1722 Vehicle speed signal Defective
P0868 Transmission oil pressur
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