Q: When driving giving gas feel thud what is the cause on 2004 Nissan Quest

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Nissan quest 2004while driving pressing on gas Pedal feel a thud and Aldo hear it what could that be have over 206,000 miles on the can
(2) Answers
Suspect motor mounts, easy to verify. Secure emergency brake, put left foot on brake firmly select drive on shifter and lightly and quickly press gas petal while watching the engine. if eng lifts up in front roughly 3-5 in. and thump is felt front mount is bad. Same in reverse to test rear mount. Have a shop verify your results, also installing some mounts may be challenging have a shop install them not worth the headache.
This is a problem I had on my wifes 2001 Quest that we fixed easily.

Your engine mounts have worn out, and are not securing th enegine firmly in place when you accelerate, or brake.

Basically the rubber on the engine mount is supposed to absorb the vibrations as your car moves. But if it work out the engine will shift its weight and thus the thud.

Get new mounts, and have a shop replace them for you, or if you have two heavy duty jacks, have a friend help you do it.
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