Q: when braking vehicle if not holding steering wheel, pulls left on 2003 Toyota Camry

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just replace brake pads, front and rear two weeks ago. today step on brake pedal and car now will pull to left with out holding steering wheel. did re-inspection on front - both sides - no loose bolts - pads ok - brake hose to caliber ok, no collapse. fluid level ok - ?????
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you may have some brake fluid on the friction surface of the pads or a caliper issue after pushing back the piston or an internal brake hose problem, which you cannot see.
just had disk re-surface today saturday, no brake fuild of any other type of fuild on disk. I am assuming at this point caliber piston is malfuctioning in some way. next process I will do is to do a bleeding of brake system in front to check for any restriction on this - unless I am not seeing something that will jump out at me, I will assume a enity has taken over the brake system some how.