Q: When battery went dead I lost some electrical systems. It's not fuses. Could it on 2004 Toyota Corolla

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be I need to reset computer. Can I do this myself?
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check engine light is not on. the systems I know that are not working are air conditioning, remote door locks, dome light, stereo system, trunk light. Others that I know are working are power windows, all head lights, blinkers,hazard flashers,wipers, cig. lighter.
It's not the fuses. I had them checked. Don't know anything about a "power wire". Could it be caused by the jump to the battery. I am trying to get my insurance company to do something about this because it was their road side assistance that could be the problem . There was a significant spark from somewhere when the guy first tried to hook up the "jump" device. The insurance company wants me to pay for a diagnostic test to determine what caused the problem. As the Toyota dealer said, the diagnostic test will only show what systems are out; not what caused them to go out.
if the guy who hooked up the booster cables hooked them up backwards then he could have damaged the ecm I would have it scan tested