Q: When a change in weather happens the car won't start. on 1995 Honda Civic

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I changed out the distributor, new spark plugs and wires. changed out the fuel pump. Ran good for a week then i went to work and it rained. go out after work car would not start. Went back next day checked fuel rail no fuel. checked fuel pump no power. Jumpered past pin 5&7 pins on relay got power. plugged relay back in nothing, bought new relay started, get the car home, go out nesxt morning won't start.
totally frustrated everything points to wiring but have had the car 6 years and have not had any problems like this. Shows no error codes or check engine light
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I when nuts trying to find these types of problems,you may be able to find a shop that specializes in wiring troubles and can pin point the trouble better than a general repair shop.It may be the cheapest way instead of spending money on guessing.