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Q: Wheels on 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLS500

I'm currently in the process of purchasing some 20 inch rims 20 x 8.5 front - rear 20 x 10 (front tire 245/30/20) (Rear tire 285/25/20) and wanted to know by placing these wheel on this car will it effect the way the car drive are any vibration in the streering wheel. I know with allot of cars when placing wheel on them it changes the way it rides and may casue further problem down the line.
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Generally speaking, going from an 18" to a 20" wheel creates a bumpier ride due to the thinner tread profile (lower profile treads soak up less of the bumps). Depending on the tires, there may be a slight increase in road noise. Mercedes are so quiet you may not even notice that. Also, in general you may see lower fuel economy and maybe less braking performance (if the new wheels are heavier). If the new wheels are significantly heavier, the brake pads will probably wear a bit faster and the affects on performance will be more apparent.

If you're buying a Mercedes or AMG wheel set I would worry less about adverse handling effects because they are probably not as heavy as other aftermarket wheels (and high quality). As long as the shop balances the wheels/tires properly you shouldn't have any vibration in your steering wheel. The positive side to larger wheels is it will most likely handle the corners better due to the stiffer side walls (and 20s look really good on the CLS).

A couple things to be look into before purchasing :
Aftermarket wheels can void some factory warranties (if they aren't benz approved wheels).
If your CLS has tire pressure monitoring, make sure the new wheels can accept the sensors and function properly.

I hope this helps, not trying to scare you but you sound concerned about going larger on the wheels.
i have the 20 inch wheels on my CLS500. if the wheels are balanced right you will should not have any vibration. your ride is more like a sports car a little more stiffer.
I have 19" on my CLS 500. My only comment is that you should be in an area of the country where the roads are smooth. If you live and drive in the North East part of the country where the roads are damaged do to the snow and salt, the pot holes will definately be an issue for you once the snow is all gone and your ready to resume driving (I don't drive my CLS in the snow). The low profile tires will give you less cushion ridding over bumps. I now have 3 sets of rims with at least one rim from each set busted beyond repair. Good luck...
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