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Q: Wheel issues on 1997 Honda Civic

My passenger front wheel is not centered in the well.all my other wheels are pretty centered in the wells.Belle tire told me my lower control arm is bent.I changed it out along with inner and outter tie rods.The tire is still sitting about an inch from the back well.Does this sound like a bent unibody or subframe and is it usally fixable?How much?Thanks
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A "bent" chassis is not going to be an inexpensive thing to fix. In your ownership has the car been involved in an accident?
Have you had an alignment after replacing the tie rod ends? Alignment figures showing caster, and camber figures in particular will show signs of steering or suspension problems particularly if the discrepancy between one side and the other are great.
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An alignment will not shift the position of the wheel in the wheel well. The visual position of the wheel in the wheel well may even be deceiving to the eye if body panels were not fitted well. An alignment showing the caster angle and camber will indicate how badly something is bent. There is a kit to correct camber/make it adjustable. An alignment adjusting "toe-set" may help prevent the car drifting or puling to one side.
Carfax is a reasonable tool. I was car shopping yesterday with my brother in law and two of the dealerships kept showing me Carfax reports as if they were the definitive history of the car. It does not show details of service history or show accidents that were not reported. I have seen two cars that should have had salvage titles and Carfax showed the car to be "healthy".
I just bought the car from another party.We only test drove it in the city and really didn't tell accept a little pulling to the right.I thought it just needed a alighnment.Also i couldn't tell the tire was that off because he had the wheels turned a little bit.I haven't got a wheel alignment yet.This won't bring the wheel back into place would it?I carfaxed it and it said it was in an front end accident that was minor.
Thanks for your response.It helps a lot.I agree with you about the carfax report.Mt ex was a car sales person.She recommended me to do it.I think is a waste of money.30 wasted dollars.Live and learn.I am going to bring it to a collision shop tomorrow and give you an update.Thanks again
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