Q: Wheel bearings on 2003 Nissan Xterra

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Service center suggested a need to repack wheel bearings for cost of $285. Is repacking the same as replacing? Is to be expected for 60k miles ?
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60,000 miles is probably about time to have bearing repacked if you haven't had them done with your brake jobs. Repacking is adding new grease to your old bearings. No it is not the same as replacing them. However if they are in good condition you don't need to spend the additional money for replacements.
Thanks- very helpful. Final question - does the $285 price sound about right for the this work ?
most of them are not like the old days when you could repack it and be good, if your hear a humming at highway speeds coming from the bearing in question, replace it. they are pressed in and cost about 70-150 $ rest is labor
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