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Q: Wheel bearing/ABS Wheel Speed Sensor on 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

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My ABS Light, Traction Off, and the Message Center reads "Traction Control Service". It also make a roaring noise from the front wheels. I went to your website about replacing the ABS Wheel Speed Sensor. I called AutoZone to see if they had one and they told me it is part of the Hub/Wheel Bearing Assembly. Can you help me with this? Thank You.

I have a 2003 impala.
i would have someone cheeck the wheel speed sensor electric harness before i replace any wheel sensors. i have replaced them twice at a cost of $1200 and the problem still happens. a service bulletin was put out in 2003 about the harness. it is too short and rubs against the tie rod.
Does this also effect the Silverado 1500 models? I was looking it up and I wasn't able to confirm if in these models the harness should be looked at first and also if the hub assembly is part of the sensor, it looks like with these the sensor can actually be replaced (if that is the problem alone) without replacing the whole assembly. Just wanted to confirm.
The folks at AutoZone are correct, the front wheel speed sensors on your 2005 Chevrolet Monte Carlo are part of the Hub assembly. It would be wise to determine if the left or right side is cause the noise and or the ABS light to stay on. Fault code(s) should be stored in the ABS control module which will help with diagnoses. A good road test will go a long way in determining if the noise is coming from the right or left side. If the noise is worse when turning left that would indicate a right wheel bearing fault, if the noise is worse when turning right that would indicate a left wheel bearing fault.
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