Q: wheel bearing repair on 2006 Chevrolet Equinox

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front wheel bearing ..the car is only 4 years old.. what is the cause ..has only 40k.. awd equinox....will it be defective or is thit just wear and tear..what is the costfor it dangerous to drive now without a repair right away..I hear a bad road noise ..
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You mention a wheel bearing issue - has this been diagnosed?

If so, wheel bearings fail typically from a lack of lubricant, or physical jarring/damage. Since this bearing is sealed within a hub and bearing assembly, there is nothing preventative you could have done to keep the failure from occuring.

If you truly have a faulty noisy hub bearing, you should certainly repair it as soon as reasonably possible. it will only worsen, and safety issues could begin to arise.

Now, if it has not been diagnosed -- verify first that your tire is not chopped on one edge causing the noise you are describing...

Click the link for the Estimator to figure on a price...

Good luck!
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