Q: Wheel Bearing on 2004 Volkswagen R32

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Shop quoted almost $900 for a single wheel bearing, hub, and alignment. Is this right or are they trying to get more money? I've heard of people getting 2 bearings replaced for this amount, but not a single one.
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Prices I looked up in an estimating guide are way cheaper, if if both sides needed hubs and bearings. Price around it is not a very big or complicated job just a little labor intensive.
Thank you. I felt like it seemed a little high. I called a few shops and one got back to me with a price of about $200 for the wheel bearing and labor and IF it needs a new hub it will be about $500 for everything... seems much more reasonable and they were very polite and helpful. Their shop is small, but I feel more confident taking the car there based on how helpful they were over the phone.