Q: What's wrong when the all the coolant leaks beneath the water pump? on 1998 Pontiac Grand Am

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My car wont hold antifreeze and the engine gets hot but the gauges dont read hot. It also "rattles" on hot hot days. There are no code readings or check engine light is not on.
(3) Answers
You probably have a few problems such as: thermostat, gaskets and maybe a radiator leak as well. If it is not holding antifreeze, it is probably too low already for the sensor to read it. Need to take to shop to find the leaks and probably a coolant pressure system test as well.
water pump may have gone bad, unfortunatly this is not a cheap one as the pump runs off of the timing chain on this engine and is quite a task to replace the pump, and you may want to have the thermostat and timing set replaced as well since it has to be removed anyway to replace the pump..
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