Whats the leak and sounds about? on 1997 BMW 528i

When i'm accelerating on the road it sounds like my car is whining and just recently the car started leaking brown fluid. And now when I turn the wheel it sounds like its groaning. Is it the transmission or is it the power steering? What should I do?

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Ahhhh yes the whining and groaning. Easy one, leave the wife at home. Tell her you already made the payment.
But seriously, the high pressure power steering hose is shot, leaking and the reservoir is empty. Germans cannot make a leak proof high pressure power steering hose. The Porsche 928 and 944 have the same problem and the same stupid reservoir and cap. Jesus H. Christ, how does honda, toyota, kia, mazda, and nissan do it.
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A groaning sound experienced when you turn the steering wheel accompanied by a reddish/brown fluid leak sounds very much like a power steering fluid leak either from a pressure hose, steering pump or steering rack its self.
If you continue to drive the car the steering pump and rack may suffer damage if operated with out oil.