Q: what's the evrage price for replacing a leaking water pump? on 1992 Cadillac Eldorado

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coolant is leaking under the crankshaft pulley? is this might be a leaky water pump?
(2) Answers
I had the same issue with my 1991. The part itself is 40 dollars, and it's a pretty simple fix. All I had to do was take the battery out to get to mine, it's on the left side of the block beneath the tensioner pulley, it has 3 bolts on the face of the pulley. Make sure you clean off all of your old gasket with some form of scraper for a proper seal, a small putty knife worked well for me. I would suggest getting some gasket sealant when you go to your part store, which should have the pump in stock as well (the gasket comes with the pump but the bolts do not, for me at advanced auto parts that is) It has a total of 20 bolts that need to be tightened to 18 lbs of torque if I remember correctly, you may want to double check that. Best of luck!
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