Q: whats the cost of the egr 1,1.5 hr fix? or what can I do to avoid the cmptr chg? on 1999 Toyota Tacoma

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can i fixit myself?can I avoid comptr chg. It acts like fuelpump getting weak.I changed air and gas filter, still coding engine popped on acceleration ald sometimes slow acceleration. still coding Air filter was filthy but can sensor cause slow pickup or engine to pop? seems like a weak fuel pump??whats egr fix? and whats involved and ballpark price?? aka bubba
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review when last tune. popping usually related to ignition system. you should pull the spark plugs and regap or replace(rec. premium). examine ignition cables for wear or damage and replace if needed(recommend performance grade, accel more cost effective than OEM replacements). this part you can do on your own(save money).
do pressure test on fuel pump. change fuel filter.
have diagnostic run to see if any issues with air intake, fuel delivery or exhaust.
how do I pressure test fuel pump? I have cleaned intake with seafoam in brake vacuum booster vacuum line to intake i have not looked at aie sensor part of air breather intake line close to air filter box. Im thinking maybe that part where the sensor itself is may be dirty since ive alreadt changed the air filter and gas filter, its possible its stopped up there sounds like its not free flow or starving for air or feul
if you do not have pressure test for fuel pump than manual test is to listen for it. turn ignition and stop before it turns over. should be sound from gas tank(short whirring sound, pump priming fuel line). this should go for about 1 second. if it takes any longer, then possible fuel pump wearing out.
be sure to check your spark plugs. popping sound is misfire.