Q: what's the biggest engine I can put into my 92 grand Marquis on 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis

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Just want more HP
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What kind of emissions inspection y'all got? You may not be able to alter the engine size. In some states it's like that. Otherwise anything that will go into the engine bay! Plus a bunch of labor.
Me too! Got to tell you this one, once, back in the day, built a 327 chevy with 400 + hp and put it in an old AMC Gremlin, burn the tires right off of it if you were already running 90 mph! Hey thats what the customer wanted and paid dearly for. But try to picture that a d+×n Gremlin of all things! No weight in the rear of those cars at all and he wanted to drag race with it. Some people?? What ever floats their boat is ok with me though!
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Yep; After USMC had a 65 Dodge Dart with 225 six. Rebuilt 440 MAG, What a ride. Not any fun anymore. Have to supervise the Grand kids now.
And no damned computers to control them , we had to use our own brains to make them run right!