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Q: What's the best repair shop for Toyota repairs in Baton Rouge, LA? on 2000 Toyota Camry

I'm considering timing belt replacement; my 2000 Camry only has 57,000 miles on it; had two drive belts changed today. What do you recommend I do? I've not had a lick of mechanical problems from my car in all the years I've owned it. I've only done recommended maintenance stuff.
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Good "opinion" later you can charge him AGAIN to remove and replace the belt AGAIN when the water pump starts to fail, and get PAID for it, AGAIN. How much longer do you think the water pump will last? maybe 2-4 more years? Wow, now I know how both of you guys deal with your customers...they keep coming back to you guys AGAIN and AGAIN!
''godzgal''( Her) We keep our customers coming back by not doing unnecassary parts replacement @ 57,000 mi.
Yes, then remove the belt AGAIN and charge her AGAIN when the water pump leaks in a couple of years!
I dont know where you should go to get the belt replaced but all I would replace is just the belt
with no more miles than that on the car! This is not for the mileage but it is 13 years old.
This is MY opinion.
Good "opinion" later you can charge him AGAIN to remove and replace the belt AGAIN when the water pump starts to fail, and get PAID for it, AGAIN. How much longer do you think the water pump will last? maybe 2-4 more years?
To offer some clarification, someone (not you, of course) replied by referring to my timing belt being off already. Well, I never said it was off. I was simply told it's recommended that it be replaced at 60,000 miles, and since I'm currently at 57,000, I thought I'd inquire as to whether I should go ahead and replace it or not. I think it's amazing myself that I've not had to put my 2000 Camry in the shop for any type of mechanical problems. It's honestly the best car I've ever owned and I dare not replace it. Actually, I owned a '96 Camry and got the same results and would still have it had I not been totaled out in 2000. I value my car highly, and if you think the low mileage is amazing, you should see what it looks like, interior and exterior wise. Everywhere I go, people want to buy it; even the dealership has asked. At present, I'm getting sort of skeptical about replacing the timing belt, especially after reading some nightmarish stories. Seems like when you start letting mechanics touch anything engine related, the vehicle starts giving you problems you never had before. My husband and I had the timing belt replaced on our '86 Toyota Celica several years ago and it's never been the same since (yeah, I still own that car too). It too had never given me a lick of problems and was made in Japan, just as my 2000 Camry LE is. Thanks for your input and reply. Merry Christmas!
Thank you, I bet you have a nice ride! Just have the timing belt replaced this time, maybe when you get 120k on the car might think about a water pump with the next belt change. Merry Christmas to you too.
PS. I own 3 Toyota's myself, can't be beat!
For a moment I thought..."am I the ONLY person who replaces the water pump with the timing belt at the same time?!" was I doing it the wrong way ALL THESE YEARS?! I called my other mechanic friends, called other shops, and even researched online what other people say in other states and guess what? FIND OUT YOURSELVES!!! May the FOOLS find their own FOLLY! I did my own homework, so do yours!
Or figure it out yourself, WHAT is the price difference between replacing the timing belt only V.S. replacing the timing belt + water pump? and ask yourself if it is worth it.
Yeah, I guess you are too NARROW-MINDED to see it, or lack professional experience. That is why you are unable to give a good "MY opinion".
Santa would have given you "knowledge" but you are too "naughty" to use it! Merry Christmas!
I would recommend that you ask people you know for recommendations..."word-of-mouth" is the best referral...And since the timing belt is off already, I would recommend that the water pump be replaced as well. That way you will have no issues with them in the near future. I would also recommend the cam and crank seals to be replaced for a minimal additional charge.
SARCASIM??? Who is that supposed to be? Maybe YOU would rebuild the engine every 60,000 miles! Don't get me involved with that B.S. If YOU rebuild the engine every 60,000 miles, I wouldn't.
Santa would give you something to help your spelling but he knows it won't do you any good! Merry Christmas!
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