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Q: What's causing "sloshing/gulping" noise when taking turns/corners? on 2009 Honda Pilot

My 2009 Honda Pilot is making a "sloshing/gulping" type noise when i make turns or take corners. It sounds as if a half-filled water bottle is being turned upside down. The sound seems to come from the interior center console area between drivers and passengers seat. Sound only happens when making turns and occasionally when going over bumps. There are no leaks anywhere inside the vehicle,. no wetness or dampness anywhere. No leaks seen under car. Mechanic thought possibly clogged A/C drain but those were clear. Doesn't appear to be sunroof drain issue as there is no leakage or wet spots in interior roof. Says it is definetly not gas moving in the tank. Any ideas what this can be from? Thank you!
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Has center console been removed yet to inspect rear A/C & heater unit? is that ones' drain hose definitely clear?
Thanks for your reply. No, I dont think the center console area has been removed yet . I think they just checked the A/C drain and said that was fine. I'm wondering if it could be the evaporaor tray being overfillled or the evaporator drain clogged. I assume to check both of these they would need to remove center console panel? Could it possibly be water somehow got inside the body? No wetness or moisture anywhere inside interior. I am going back to mechanic today-again!-and will ask if he removed center console and will let you know for sure. Thanks!
Just an idea/suggestion , have Pilot completely empty of any removable items , always makes noise diagnosis better. If mech. has already checked rear drain and is pretty certain thats not an issue , then I would suggest a longer more observant(for lack of better phrasing, I know that doesn't sound right), test drive and try to isolate more of the cause/conditions of the noise. I.E. - speed , severity of turn , any difference in driving condition that helps , if anything , rule OUT other possibilities. Please post results.
Hi and thank you for the suggestion but I have already cleaned the vehicle out of everything! I was kind of hoping I'd find a small undiscovered wwater bottle when I did it but no such luck!! lol! My fear of just doing a "wait and see" approach is that I live in Connecticut and it's getting cold here! I'm afraid that whatever this "liquid" is will freeze and cause major damage or problem! Tonight while running the heater I smelt a strange smell that would come and go. It wasn't odor of antifreeze and I was getting plenty of heat.Could it still be something with the HVAC system even thought i'm getting heat ? Or is it possible that somehow water got into the body of the vehicle? AS I said, no wetness inside at all. Someone suggested maybe its the suspension!! They thought this becasue it occurs when I make turns- they had said something about a bushing ?? ANother peson thought it was maybe something to do with rear differential fluidd! Any thoughts as to if any of these sound feasable? Thank you so much for any further info or advice you can give!!
Persistence! Without hearing it in person I can only suggest to keep an open mind about what it can and can't be. Maybe a test drive at a Honda dealer would be worth it at this point , they may 'hear' or 'feel' something in a different way , that will help pinpoint the cause.Good luck , and please let us know what the solution is.
Would draining /flushing the cooling system fix that? The radiotor and overflow tank levels are fine and i'm getting heat and a/c from both front and rear vents. Would water in ac system still be a possible cause?? Thank you!
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