Q: What's an Induction on 2002 Ford Mustang

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I just had oil changed, filters replaced, tires rotated, etc.; all this stuff for winter. After spending $200 on that, the Dealer tells me I need an "Induction". I don't understand what that is and is it REALLY worth $189?

I gotta tell y'all. The last car I had was a 2005 Pontiac Grand Am and they told me it needed something (that sounded important like 'induction') and they poured some stuff in the engine they got from AutoZone and drove my car around the block and charged me $125 for that! WTH is an induction?
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I would guess the Dealer is trying to sell you an "induction cleaning" service. Let me explain, The induction system is the part of the engine that draws the air and fuel to the engine. The induction system can be divided into two sections, the first section would be the air cleaner and air duct work that leads to the throttle body where the throttle valve is located. The throttle valve is connected to your gas pedal and opens and closed as you push and release the gas pedal. The second section of the induction system is between the throttle body and the engine cylinders, this is the section of the induction system where carbon deposits and engine oil residue can build up and possibly cause engine performance issues. An "induction service" would target this section of the induction system for cleaning.
Now, do you need it or not. If your engine is running OK chances are the induction service would not be necessary. Some brands of gas have cleaners mixed in with the fuel to help keep the inductions system clean, making the special service unnecessary. Base you decision to have the service on how the engine is performing in your 2002 Ford Mustang and the quality of fuel you generally use.