Q: What would make my vehicle start up as usual and run fine for 5 min. then die. on 2005 Ford Excursion

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The fuel filter has been changed and so has the fuel pump, and it refuses to start again. The engine died as I was getting ready to get back in after starting it up to go home from work and it acted like it had just ran out of gas, no surging, missing or coughing, just slowly losing RPM's and died.
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when the car wont start check for spark and fuel pressure also check the inertia switch to see if it is working properly
I had a mechanic friend over and we put his diagnostic computer on the vehicle late last night. We came up with the "Throttle positioning Sensor" being faulty. The dashboard display confirmed to check this also after we had messed around with the accelerator pedal while getting irratic voltage readings, (also showed the throttle wide open codes at this time). Still have plenty of spark