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Q: What would make loud acceleration motor sound while driving, but quiet at idle? on 2001 Honda Civic

The car has an automatic transmission. There is no check engine light on, it doesn't run hot. It seems to have normal engine power, just really loud when driving. There is no vibration on the steering column. What could cause this issue?
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What speed does the noise start? Tire cupping is very common on those cars , that and possible wheel bearing noise. Does the noise change with vehicle speed or engine speed ?
The noise started with acceleration and sounded like an engine revving up and sounded like it was decelerating as it slowed down. It was a consistent noise. Loud enough to sound like having glass packed mufflers on the inside of the car. You could not hear it from outside the car as it drove past. My daughter was thinking of purchasing this car. We are looking at another car now bit if that does not work out we will have this one scanned at a repair shop. I want to thank you for all the great suggestions. The Honda dealer said a new transmission would cost around $3500 and an exhaust manifold around $1800. If that is the issue. The scan is $109. The owner doesn't believe it is the exhaust system because it past a smog test recently. It is weird, the motor sounded really solid it had lots of power seemed to change gears smoothly it just makes alot of noise. Loud enough to be like standing next to a leaf blower. Thanks again! If we decide to have it scanned I will post the results.
Most likely wheel bearing or tires. Check the tires (rear will probably be the ones) by reaching in and rubbing your hand on the inside tread in the direction of rotation , if it's not smooth , than that's the first thing to suspect.Have tires rotated and see if the noise changes.
My 02 Civic is doing this now and I will be taking it to the shop to have it looked at. However, I had a Kia that had this issue and it was the fuel pump. I have an excellent mechanic and he figured it out the first time around, no wasting my time or money.
Since nobody on the internet can possibly know what the problem actually is .. Avoid the guess work... For safety sake... Have qualified 'mechanic' test drive vehicle! .. Seems the only 'logical' thing to do.
hi. i have same problem before. i haved it check and the problem is the wheel alignment, wheel balancing and loose racker arm on the steering. check your tire as well poor thread of tires mainly cause it to dis align your wheel.
get a diagnostic run. lookin for prob. with tranny. get this done at a shop.
check tranny dipstick, lookin for muddy colour in fluid. if muddy, than fluid contaminated(needs a flush). if fluid not muddy but dark in colour, may need a flush. this you can do at home(checking dipstick i mean).
Thanks I will look at the transmission dipstick tomorrow. It kind of sounds like it is reving like it is in-between gears and reving like on a manual transmission but it is an automatic transmission but if you drop it down to D3 you can hear a shift in power downward like it should but still sounds loud. It is like the transmission isn't in sync. If it had been the muffler or catalytic converter it would be loud in idle, too. It has a V-Tec motor. But inside the car driving it sounds like a car with no muffler it is that loud while driving. The previous owner changed the timing belt about 4000 miles ago. Any other insight? Why do you think it is the transmission oil?
sound only when in gear. following clues. suspect something in drive train. quick check to eliminate possibility. did you get the diagnostic run?
I had the same problem and I took it to my mechanic who I trust and said it was a wheel bearing on the front passenger side. I though it was the tranny but it wasn't. He saved me a lot of money because I was thinking about $1000 - $2000. And I ended up paying only $150.
This same problem just happened to my 2002 Honda Civic last night out of nowhere. I can't take it in today and need to drive it on Saturday about 60 miles round trip. Do you know if it safe to drive and fix next week? I
There are a BUNCH of good 'guesses' as to what the problem 'might' be here, that's for sure... However since nobody here can possibly be certain of what the problem is... Strongly suggest having qualified personnel at least test drive the vehicle!! .. Trained ear can recognize tire or wheel bearing noise very quickly as each has a distinct sound while the car is in motion.. Be safe! ... Good luck with it.
This same problem just happened to my 2002 Honda Civic last night out of nowhere. I can't take it in today and need to drive it on Saturday about 60 miles round trip. Is it safe to drive and fix next week? I am relieved that it sounds like it is a wheel problem and not the transmission.
Safety is no accident.. Let a 'mechanic' test drive your car!! .. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes to determine if it's safe for the trip... Anything less than that is simply guessing at it!
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