Q: What would cause the truck to sputter after being overheated? on 2005 Dodge Durango

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The temp gauge on the dashboard did not register that the truck was hot. Truck shut off and would not start back up.. after alittle while it finally did start up..But now it sputters like it wants to backfire but doesnt.. my first thought is get the overheating figured out but im really worried about the sputtering and rough driving now.. its not running hot right now of course.. what could it be? any suggestions?
(2) Answers
first thing is stop driving it hot and get it repaired. you may or already did internal engine damage from the overheating.

So many issues can arise when trying to run an overheated engine. The computer itself may have put the engine in 'limp home' mode due to the overheat casuing it to run poorly. You may have blown a head gasket, cracked the cylinder head(s), or even cracked the block. Those are all possibilities. The engine will probably have to be torn down and inspected for damage to determine what kind of repairs are needed.