Q: What would cause the truck to lose acceleration when shifting gears? on 1993 Ford Ranger

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Driving down the road, press clutch, shift, and it engages but it's acting like you press the clutch again. You can let off the gas and press again and it picks up for a couple of seconds and does it again. Totally lost as to what else to do. I cleaned the MAF and no change. This all started when I put injector cleaner in a tank of gas. Could this be the problem?
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It sound like your clutch maybe slipping, this would indicate time for replacement, To be sure you could try giving it a little extra gas when you shift, if the RPM's shoot up this would indicate the clutch mabe going bad..How many miles are on the clutch? and How many if any other people drive the vehicle?
The clutch was replaced about a year ago. Only driven locally since then. The RPM's don't shoot up when this happens. It sort of jerks. You let off the gas and press again and it picks up normal for a second and does it again. If feels like you press the clutch again, but don't actually do that. It is actually in gear and changing normally. It mostly happens after the truck warms up.
ok sorry for the misunderstanding, then i would check the TPS sensor, also possible vacuum leak or leaky egr valve, hope this helps if you find anything else let me know...