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Q: What would cause the throttle to stick when driving? on 1993 Honda Accord

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Need advice on what to do. When I take off I have to floor the car to get it to go. When I get up to speed it starts spitting and sputtering. My husband thinks something is wrong with the fuel system. We are having a hard time getting this figured out. We have replaced the fuel filter. We also tried to check the fuel pressure but cannot find the right equipment to use. I don't know where to go. Any help would be appreciated.
Have the plugs ,wires and coil been inspected? Is it hard starting and poor idle? What kind of equipment do you have to diagnose with?
Posibly the Throttle sensor. A rectangular metal box with 4 aluminum phillip screws on side of the engine by throttle body. Before removing get one from an auto salvage yard. They are normally alot cheaper and they take them off fairly new cars that were totalled. Take a large long phillip screw driver that fits the screw and put it in the screw and give it a few good whacks with a hammer to loosen screws. As screw threads become visible on all four spray screws with WD40 and turn srews back in to get holes lubed it will be easier to remove the screws after about five minutes,Aluminum screws into thicker metal tends to heat and cool weilding itself in place. Take off old rectangular cap and look inside for aluminum shavings and inspect throttle shaft. Throttle shaft should feel like it is riding on glass. If it appears okay clean area and blow out. Pick which one you want to put back on. Before closing I sprayed a little mild graphite spray on shaft seals or WD40. Hope this helps if no one else has a better idea. I have had several Sables and Torasses with this problem over the years.Worked for me. Also, I have found throttle cable brackets bent..Marvelous
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