Q: What would cause the the blower motor to not work when AC doesnt? on 2001 Buick Park Avenue

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I have a 2001 Buick Park Ave that i inherited from my grandfather. The compressor makes a rattling sound when the car is running, i think it may be the clutch. The car has an automatic control panel for the HVAC unit. Like you set the temp and it keeps up by it self. When i turn on the system, at any temp, the compressor appears to turn on (u can feel the loss of power to the engine) and the rattle stops, but the blower motor does not turn on, even though the panel tells me that the motor is at full power. I just wanted to know what this could be, and if it was something i could do myself so i could at least get the blower motor and the heat working for the winter.
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It could be the AS/Heater control module defective. It is located inside the engine compartment in the middle of the firewall inside the heater plenum. Can be removed with 1/4" or 5/16" wrench 3 small bolts.
Purchase new around $200-250. Junk yard $5-10. Ebay Motors can get for around $50.
The heater module runs on 3,6 and 12 volts...low, medium and high motor speed.