Q: What would cause the climate control lights and the shift light do not work? on 2010 Toyota Camry

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All three of the climate control dials (fan speed, position, temp) have no light in the dark (do not illuminate when headlights are on). The green "o"n button works all of the time - when you turn A/C on, defrost, etc. There does not seem to be a problem with the controls alone, just no light. Adjusting the dim/brightness does not help. The shifter light does not work either. The gear appears with the mileage on the speedometer, but does not light up on the shifter. All other interior lights appear to be working fine, both of these are on fuses with other things that are still working - so I have ruled that out.
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You're going to have to test to find out. Junction block 3 has all of the power and ground splices for the illumination of shifter lamps, and the HVAC controller, as well as the radio, glove box light (power only), steering column switches, and the 4 way switch. So if any of the others are working that confirms your power and ground and the most likely causes are going to be loose pins in the junction block, or simply failed lamps (LEDs). The connections to test are for the shifter is B9 brown (ground) and B4 green (power) of the splice pack. The HVAC is S5 green (power) and S11 Brown(ground)
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