Q: What would cause NO SOUND coming from stereo system at all? on 2004 Kia Amanti

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I have no audio sound coming from my radio, cd, satellite radio or casette player. The display shows that its receiving signals but I'm unable to hear anything. My husband checked the speakers and said they're fine. He thinks that its something electrical. A mechanic told me to just replace the entire unit (while repairing something else), but he didnt check the system at all so I dont want to purchase a new unit/pay installation cost if thats not in fact the problem.
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The cd counter works which indicates (to me) that its working; hence the reason I'm not sure that its the radio. Thanks for replying though :-)
PLEASE NO DISS TO global helper ,I'm more familiar with honda and on their 'upgraded systems' especially newer civics I'v even seen hondas' 'techline' have our techs chasing all sorts of other areas because they assume the tech is aware of this seperate fuse.You may in fact have a bad audio unit , but I hope for your $ake it's not. thanks.
Some systems will have a seperate fuse for the power amplifier , check the owners manual for fuse location and application(what systems it covers)Tell the mechanic to JUST replace the entire unit out of his wallet if he's so sure.Good luck and if it's just a fuse ....please find another mechanic!
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