Q: What would cause my Dodge Ram to lock up and not be able to start? on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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4.7 L V8, recently had factory battery replaced, oil changed, and state inspection done. Only driving since service work was moving it out of the driveway to the curb. Truck has 110K miles, and has had no serious issues or accidents. When you try to start it, truck powers up, radio works, but when you try to start it up, it has a loud clunk and never turns over. Viewing it from under the hood you can see it try, but never turns over. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Did you personally check the oil level since the service? Make sure it has oil , a drain plug (not leaking or missing)and a filter properly installed and not puking oil.How far away was the shop that did the oil change etc.? Any strange noises or rough running before the no crank issue?
I did personally check the oil level. Drain plug is good, installed back on the oil pan with the blue never seize from the shop. The place where the service was done is close to seven miles from my home. No strange noises noted before this issue occured.
If you still can't turn the crank by hand , then one other possibilty I can think of besides a siezed component or engine , would be 'liquid lock' (or hydro-lock) pull the spark plugs and try to turn it again. If that allows it to turn you should see what and which cylinder it's coming out of. If that's the case , you'll need to determine what caused it . most often , head gasket. Hope you find the culprit and it's just something goofy. good luck.
There are several possibilities.
1. The engine is locked up - try to turn the engine over by hand on the crankshaft bolt
2. The starter is bad
3. An accessory is locked up - alternator, PS pump, A/C compressor remove belt and check all accessories turn freely
I was able to turn the crankshaft off of the harmonic balancer, I do not have the 22mm socket needed for this bolt. I pulled the starter, and replaced. Same issue, a little different sound. I am probably going to try and pull the serpentine belt and try the accessories one by one soon.