Q: What would cause my car to fill with steam from air vents/passenger floorboard? on 1994 Isuzu Amigo

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Happened while the car was in use. Thermostat read exactly halfway between H and C...
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it sounds like heater core. usually found passenger side under dash. sometimes easy to get to other times not so easy. u should see coolant hose in n out of it. u can bypass it if its summer out but being a heater core would not be a good idea for winter. better off replacing it. hope this was helpfull
Thank you. I've asked several people this question, and they all say the heater core except for my mechanic, who wants to replace the water pump. Of course, while they are in there, they want to replace the timing belt also. I'm afraid I'm still not going to have the repair that I need done, and will have a lot of unnecessary repairs that are very costly.
Sound like the heater core is leaking, it is not a bad leak or you would notice the heavy loss of coolant. You should get it checked and repaired soon though as it will only get worse.