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Q: What would cause my car stall when putting it into gear from park?

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i have put a new Ignition Control Module,a new
Ignition Coil,new plugs and a new alternator.The car runs fine in park but it stall as soon as u put it in gear.what could be the problem?
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If you get it scanned at someplace like autozone and the code is P0700 (indicates a trans DTC exists and need to scan trans) In my experience with GM , it's probably going to be the torque converter lock-up solenoid switch or PCM. When you put it in gear (reverse or foward) does it feel like popping the clutch way to quick on a manual trans?
What are the trouble codes? Unless you want to start replacing parts like torque wrench suggests.
If you read my answer you will see I suggested that they get the car scanned before buying parts. But also gave them some possible reasons this could be happening. Maybe I should have added pictures so you could understand too.
Sounds like a problem with throttle position switch, idle air control valve, or mass air flow sensor. Don't just start replacing these parts until you have a direction to follow. If your check engine light is on, scan the car for the codes. If you don't have a scan tool go to local auto parts store, most will scan the codes for you, free of charge. Based on the code we can help you further, in fixing the problem.
Is it fixed yet and what was it ...Everybody leaves us hanging after we make suggestions to help them....I feel so used.
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