Q: what would cause me not getting any spark...will not start on 2007 Nissan Quest

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van shut off while driving with no warning...I have changed the fuel pump..(thinking that was it,,because my wife drives the thing all the time with no gas)I have changed crank and cam sensors....PLEASE HELP
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Without scanning your vehicle it's hard to tell,but one thing that is common on 2004-09 nissan quest is water intrusion and rust eating through the ecm that is mounted under the wiper cowl (really bad place). Not saying that this is your problem,but it is a known concern and should not be overlooked.I hope I am wrong!
that's what someone else said to me (ecm)..the problem also,the only place I can find one is at the dealer....and its not cheap to replace....I also scanned but no codes came up,there was no check engine light on when it shut off.....thank you for your help
Does CEL come on when the key is turned on? Does ECM communicate with code reader/scanner?
You stated scanned but did it communicate? Positive about no spark?
I agree with 1 just be sure you have checked it out and are positive the computer is
your problem, once purchased it is yours. I am sure you knew that already.
Did scan but no thing it is doing when I turn the key on the check engine light blinks on and off....does this mean anything?????all other lights are staying on.....still not running and paying my 400. dollar a month car payment.....this thing has been a lemon.....worst vehicle I have ever had.....I will never buy another Nissan.....THANKS FOR THE HELP
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