Q: What would cause engine to shut off completely while driving? on 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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The engine has shut off while driving 65mph on a four lane highway (very scary) as well as 30mph. This has happened 7 separate times now. The engine will restart only after removing the key and waiting 2 to 3 minutes before reinserting the key. No codes register on the computer. Mechanic states it could be numerous issues but is not REALLY sure.
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Well to be honest; Those are prone for different issues, and trying to duplicate the cause and it is an intermittent issue, what answer can he honestly give. When it won't start and just sitting there, that would be easier to find. Possibilities could be a crank sensor breaking down, a computer glitch, bad connection in the wiring, and several other things. I know it's worrisome but if it were me, I would probably ask you to leave it and let us drive it until the fault happened to determine what is happening at the time of the failure.
Well thank you for your honest answer. I feel that it's a sensor but I will have my mechanic check out the other possibilities you mentioned.
Thanks again!
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