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Q: What would cause a strong smell of gas when initially starting my truck? on 2002 GMC Envoy

When I start my truck after it has been sitting over ten hours there is a very strong smell of gas in the air and permiating into the truck. I had it checked but it only happens after it has been sitting over 10 hours or overnight. The dealership can't find a problem. I always start the truck in an open area (no enclosed areas).
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There is a recall dealing with leaking fuel tanks. But its not called a recall. Its called a special coverage adjustment. I just had my 03 Envoy to the dealership for the gas smell. They replaced the fuel tank.
Are you starting your Envoy in a garage and letting it warm up before driving off? Even with newer, cleaner burning engines they burn more fuel when started cold - and it has been very cold out your way lately. That being said, there could be an engine sensor that is out of spec but not enough to turn on the check engine light. It may be worth while to leave your Envoy at the repair shop overnight with a fuel pressure guage connected. The technican can then montitor fuel pressure and look and the engine computer date while starting the engine after sitting overnight. They may or may not find anything but it is worth a try. Please be patient if thay say they don't smell anything unusual. After a few years in the auto repair business their sense of smell propably is not what it used to be.
There are no fuel smell related recalls for your Envoy that I can find. There are however two "special policies" which cover fuel smell issues. Both are releated to small fuel leaks in the fuel tank area. If that were your case you would notice the fuel smell before starting your engine. Do you ever notice the fuel smell before starting the engine?
The smell of gas is not noticed until the car is started. It was "checked" for a recall problem and they found nothing.
I believe their was a recall for this issue, call your dealer they should fix this for nothing.
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